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Carbon Neutral Companies


Carbon Neutral

Companies that conducting Carbon Footprints via CO2nnectorPro will already have the access to purchase carbon offsets from one of our certificated carbon reduction projects. Primarily, company’s priority is Scope 1&2 emission, they can offset their unavoidable emission in order to reach out their carbon reduction targets set for future years.

Carbon Neutral: Organizations that offset their annual carbon emission from one of our certificated carbon reduction projects at 100% can achieve CO2nsensus Carbon Neutral Certificate.

For example, a white-good manufacturer can easily calculate their emissions via CO2nnectorPro and offset their Scope 1&2 emissions yearly. CO2nsensus Carbon Neutral Certificate will be achieved, and the manufacturer uses the logo provided by CO2nsensus with a unique ID number for their carbon offsetting projects. The manufacturer can integrate the Certificate to their website and can be used as communication strategy.

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