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Carbon Neutral Events


Carbon Neutral

Of the considerable number of points distinguished as potential subjects for carbon accounting, events are turned out to be the one most needing clarification. It is suggested as a suitable methodology that event should be considered much like a service that using life cycle assessment methodology for carbon foot printing. From small to large scale any event can use this methodology even annual meetings of an organization or one-time event such as a celebration.

A preliminary assessment ought to be made of the event planning to distinguish the emissions sources and identify the potential GHG outflows. In the initial event plan, the primary sources of GHG emissions should be examined in detail to determine which alternatives are available to reduce potential emissions. This examination should consider the emission sources affected, the likely primary and secondary effects, the quality of data and the materiality of all alternatives.

A zero-carbon event can only occur once the carbon emissions caused by the event are compensated via certified carbon offsets. Our project portfolio presents a wide range of carbon offset project with any type of carbon reduction project. Being carbon zero not only means purchasing carbon offset, it also enables your organization to bring prosperity to the local people of project location via contribution to the sustainable development project.

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