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Carbon Offset Projects




Malawi Biomass Conservation, Malawi


Malawi Biomass Conservation, MalawiEnergy Efficiency

$ 32.20 / tonne

Akbuk Wind Farm Project, Turkey


Akbuk Wind Farm Project, TurkeyWind

$ 8.20 / tonne

Biomass Project, Svishtov, Bulgaria


Biomass Project, Svishtov, BulgariaBiomass

$ 7.30 / tonne

Improved Cookstoves, Kenya


Improved Cookstoves, KenyaEnergy Efficiency

$ 19.80 / tonne

Maritime Energy, Worldwide

United Kingdom

Maritime Energy, WorldwideEnergy Efficiency

$ 18.00 / tonne

Forest Plantations, Cerro Largo, Uruguay


Forest Plantations, Cerro Largo, UruguayForestation

$ 13.75 / tonne

Hydro Power, Osmaniye, Turkey


Hydro Power, Osmaniye, TurkeyHydropower

$ 7.75 / tonne

Landfill Gas, Istanbul, Turkey


Landfill Gas, Istanbul, TurkeyLandfill

$ 8.75 / tonne

Hydro Power, Kahramanmaras, Turkey


Hydro Power, Kahramanmaras, TurkeyHydropower

$ 7.50 / tonne

Wind Power, Balıkesir, Turkey


Wind Power, Balıkesir, TurkeyWind

$ 8.20 / tonne

Landfill Gas, Adana, Turkey


Landfill Gas, Adana, TurkeyLandfill

$ 5.60 / tonne

Wind Power, Balıkesir, Turkey


Wind Power, Balıkesir, TurkeyWind

$ 8.20 / tonne

Wind Power, Amasya, Turkey


Wind Power, Amasya, TurkeyWind

$ 8.20 / tonne

Landfill Gas, Ankara, Turkey


Landfill Gas, Ankara, TurkeyLandfill

$ 8.80 / tonne

What is a Carbon Offset Project?

In the quest of making planet greener and its resources sustainable, carbon offsetting is a one enlightening way forward. Carbon offsetting refers to offsetting your individual carbon burden by investing in a single or different environmental projects happening worldwide. Such projects are schemes for allowing individuals and companies to contribute their direct share to the environment. Few examples of carbon offsetting projects are renewable energy projects; energy efficiency; forestry and landfill projects. CO2nsensus work in all of them to give you a real chance of social contribution. Yes, we do it for the community, for society and for the environment.

Which Organizations Approve Carbon Offset Projects?

Before one puts money in a carbon offset project, it is to make sure it is certified with the right certifications. Recognition matters when it comes to carbon offsetting projects. It is the Gold Standard (GS) and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) that validate a carbon offsetting project with its adequacy and effectiveness.

It was in 2003 when Hello International, SouthSouthNorth and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) collaboratively developed the Gold Standard for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). And, then later the collaboration brought the VCS to validate the process of a project. If an offsetting project carries both international validations, it verifies that the project comes approved with the Standard Advisory Board of scientists, project developers, NGOs and government representatives. CO2nsensus only takes you to projects that carry both GOLD Standard and VCS. So when you are spending in us, it means you are spending in the global goals of sustainable development.

How Carbon Offset Projects Contribute UN Sustainability Goals?

United Nations aims to establish sustainability through different sustainability goals including no poverty, clean water & sanitation, affordable & clean energy, decent work and economic prosperity. A carbon offset project basically works in these areas defined by UN as important to bring global sustainability. For instance a carbon offset project is about increasing energy efficiency or assuring clean water supply in certain part of the world to establish global sustainability. CO2nsensus with its projects helps you bring your share making the global common future. We are here to provide you the gateway of doing it.

How Carbon offset project work?

After enough waste is reduced and a larger proportion of energy is from renewable energy source, then rest of the work is made up by carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are basically a form of trade. You buy them in a carbon offset project. And, becoming part of such a project means bringing your share to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is how a carbon offset project works allowing you to contribute directly for global sustainability.

Types of Carbon Offset Projects

For assuring UN sustainability goals, carbon offset projects do a fundamental part. CO2nsensus works in different international carbon offsetting projects to achieving the sustainability goals. The following are to provide some best examples.

Solar carbon offsetting project

Solar remains one of the significant renewable energy sources especially in regions where sun is rich throughout the year and where establishing such a system is surely economic energy production. Buying offsets which lead to such a project is therefore a highly innovative investment. CO2nsensus deals in solar projects to translate your offsets into true sustainability.

Energy Efficiency Project

One of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions are ships travelling between ports in different countries. Generally, these ships carry engines run by fossil fuel which release great amount of carbon emissions that surely need to be reduced. Improved hull coating of the ship that lightens up the weight of the vehicle could improve fuel efficiency as the amount of fuel burnt then would be lesser compared to without improved coating. CO2nsensus Maritime Project is about providing ships to merchants with improved hull coating and with the minimum release of carbon footprint. We invest with manufacturers who provide improved hull coating. In longer distances this overcoming of footprint through better material use means a lot in terms of overcoming the climate change and overall increasing sustainability.

Forestry project

A great example of carbon offset forestry project is the CO2nsensus Darien, Panama project. The project is about reforesting Darien’s degraded land by native tree species and a mix of forest. It is to provide for sustainable cocoa cultivation and timber production. Biodiversity and maintaining a healthy forest ecosystem are further aims of the project.

Renewable Energy project

With your contribution CO2nsensus makes possible the state of the art green energy project of Amasya, Turkey. It is a wind power plant located north-east of the town of Merzifon with exceptional capacity of producing efficient energy. Compared to conventional generation mix in Turkey, CO2nsensus Amasya plant is clean energy producer and direct emissions preventer. Since it got in place in 2012, the wind plant holds capacity of 40MW and that means 111 GWh of electricity produced annually. Moreover, CO2nsensus plant is able to reduce 66,000 tons of CO2 compared to Turkish conventional energy systems while operational.

Hydropower Project

Through collective will of our professionals, we bring forward the state of the art project of clean water at the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is a large scale project targeted to provide Ceramic Water Purifiers to 1.7 million people across nearly 315,000 households in the region. Our vision in this project is to enable clean water supply to rural Cambodia which is greatly lacking. Moreover, CO2nsensus aims to create new job opportunities in this national level project to revive the economic wheel of the country. We see climate security and effective sustainable development happening in this comprehensive project.

Landfill Project

Another great example of a carbon offset project is the CO2nsensus Adana Landfill Gas Collection Project. The project addresses UN sustainability goals of innovation and providing the region with affordable clean energy. The Adana landfill receives daily approximately 1000-1500 tonnes of waste to recycle it into 15.6 MW of electricity. The project remains productive in reducing emissions in the power sector and the imported fuel required to generate electricity.

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