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How Can Your Business Play A Role in Changing the World?

We have developed two different plans that will streamline corporate carbon footprint management and help you become a Climate Positive Business.

All you have to do is take your pick and start calculating!

Subscription Plan

  • Subscription-based monthly payments
  • Employee-based calculations
  • Declare your offsets with a certificate
  • Basic calculation
  • Earn a Climate Positive Badge

Advanced Business Plan

  • Consumption-based one-time payment
  • Annual calculations
  • Declare your offsets with a certificate
  • Detailed calculation
  • Earn a Climate Positive Badge

Measure Your Impact

Every company has a carbon footprint. We help you keep track of yours with an easy carbon offset solution that provides simplified carbon emission calculations caused by your business activities.

Fund A Certified Carbon Reduction Project

Now that you’ve figured out your impact on the environment, it’s time to compensate for it. Fund a reforestation project and balance your carbon emissions.

Become a Climate Positive Business

After you offset your carbon footprint, you become a Climate Positive Business. Promote your success with our Climate Positive Business Badge.

Have a positive impact on the climate for as little as $7.2/month per employee.

Why Choose Our Small Business Calculator?

Public Profile

Promote that your business is “creating value” with your positive impact on the world via our Climate Positive Badge.

Desirable Company

Businesses are expected to care about social norms. Show your new hires, current staff, and desired talents that you care.

Offset All Business Travels

Traveling is inevitable when it comes to businesses. Meet the easiest way to help balance your employees’ travels.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Become a Zero Carbon Business in no time with our easy-to-use calculator.

Support Environmental Sustainability, Combat Climate Change.

supported project

Weyerhaeuser’s Forest Plantation

Reforestation | Uruguay

Contribute to a certified carbon offsetting project and help reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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