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Carbon Management Made Easy

Co2nsensus has developed ground-breaking software that helps individuals, companies, and organizations calculate and manage their carbon footprint.
Co2nnectorPro is one of the world’s first carbon calculators compliant with ISO 14064-1 and verified by RINA. It provides comprehensive calculations in scope 1,2&3 and most up-to-date reference points based on IPCC, DEFRA, and Ecoinvent databases.

Why Co2nnectorPro?

100% Accurate Solutions
Guarantee accurate results based on IPCC, DEFRA, and Ecoinvent database reference points on our RINA verified software.
Fast and Effective Web-based Application
Our web-based software provides fast and effective carbon management with minimal cost and labor.
Low Cost of Ownership
Pick a plan that best suits you or your business requirements and benefit from a low cost of ownership (up to 80% less than average services).
Secure Digital Archive
Store all your SSL encrypted documents, reports, and calculations in our digital data warehouse (cloud).
Mitigate Risks
Mitigate risks occuring due to compliance, human error, and calculations via our automated self-service solution.
Advanced Analysis and Reporting
Access detailed analysis and visualize, share, or report your carbon emission data with our advanced reporting feature.
Easy Management via Unique Modules
Streamline carbon management with our benchmarking, grouping, verification, optimization, and offsetting modules.
Offset your corporate carbon footprint and promote your “Carbon Neutral” company with a certificate.
How It Works Managing your carbon footprint has never been easier!

With Co2nnectorPro, you can calculate, report, verify, offset, and optimize your carbon emissions.
All you have to do to start off is:
  • Choose deciding on your emission type/source
  • Choose selecting your emission duration period (monthly/annual)
  • Choose choosing your consumption unit
  • And entering your consumption amount

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Meet Co2nnectorPro, an industry-leading carbon footprint calculator validated by RINA and compliant with GHG and ISO14064-1 standards. Our platform also offers sector-specific reporting and offsetting.

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