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You can view our transaction records for the year of 2019.



Service Fee is charged for below 1000kg CO2

Important Note: For the year 2019 all transaction fees, currency exchange expenses and “spreading the word” cost are covered by CO2nsensus LTD. By the beginning of 2020 costs will be applied to all prices.


At CO2nsensus, we work to create a future where next generations can inherit the same planet we love dearly, where we take action and reduce our environmental impact.

As a climate tech company, we contribute to this future with our accurate and proven carbon footprint calculation technology, CO2nnector Software. We help you to achieve net zero carbon footprint with our nonprofit VCX and Gold Standard carbon offsetting projects.

You have the power to become the real change-maker for a greener planet. Act now and offset your carbon footprint quickly and easily with CO2nsensus!


  • 1-What is the science behind calculations?
  • Here in Co2nsensus we measure precisely, we keep our formulation behind calculations up to date. DEFRA and EcoInvent databases are the main resources and we never add non-scientific additions to our calculations such as “radiative forcing”.

  • 2-Are carbon offset calculators verified?
  • Our carbon offset calculators are verified by RINA in complience with ISO 14064-1 Carbon Footprint Standard and PAS2060. We are proud to be one of the few companies which can deliver the perfect calculations.

  • 3- Is Co2nsensus LTD a non-profit company?
  • Co2nsensus LTD is a for profit company but we don’t generate profit from our B2C solutions such as carbon offsetting for individual purposes.

  • 4- How do you ensure that carbon offset projects are developed?
  • As Co2nsensus we never add on the go offset projects in our portfolio, all carbon reduction projects listed on www.co2nsensus.com are completed. In order to guarantee the best carbon offset projects we only work with Gold Standard and VCS. Carbon credits which bought by Co2nsensus and delivered to our customers are listed in voluntary carbon markets, they are being retired and deducted from project owners accounts so it is prevented for double sales. You can check quarterly transaction histories above.

  • 5- What is your business model, how do you generate revenue?
  • Co2nsensus is a consultancy and climate-tech company, we generate revenue from our consultancy services and from the sales of B2B climate-tech softwares.

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