But believe it or not, fighting climate change is easy with us. And it doesn’t involve switching off lights at odd hours of the day or struggling to reach office riding a bicycle instead of your car. Honestly, we think those methods are other forms of going one step forward and two steps back. Here in Co2nsensus, we make fighting the good battle- easy!

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We all have our own ideas of doing something good for the planet. Something unique. Something that inspires others to follow our lead. Yet when the time comes to put plans into action, most of us can’t figure out even where to begin. That’s the problem!

We think too much about carbon emissions, global warming, and climate change, but lack the knowledge to do “something” about them.

How? Using our state-of-the-art Co2nnector and ConnectorPro software, you can easily calculate the amount of carbon footprint generated by activities such as events, business trips, flights, etc. and compensate for them by picking from a choice of verified projects in our portfolio.

These projects can be anything, from building new windmills and solar installations to planting a tree or lighting methane releases on landfills on fire.

Through a revolutionary process known as carbon offsetting, you can compensate for your share of emissions and pave the way to a greener, and safer planet. Co2nsensus is not an environmental firm, but a software company that is helping individuals and corporations manage and compensate for their carbon emissions.

We have developed the technology needed to fight climate change and you can use it for good, without reducing your standard of living. All the projects in our portfolio are verified and adhere to the local rules and regulations. So, you know that your efforts in fighting climate change are not going in vain.

And the best part? You don’t even need any knowledge about carbon footprint and its concepts. Accounting and reporting your carbon emissions has never been simpler. So, don’t wait any longer; get in touch with us if you’d like to take the first step to creating a better planet for everyone. Be a part of this new movement and together, we can change the world!