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A Race for Saving the Planet

We are dedicated to saving our planet, and every single species on it. Therefore, this season, we invite you to join our challenge in saving Caretta Carettas from the edge of extinction.

For the Love of Caretta Carettas!

Climate change is real, and around 1 million species are on the verge of extinction. One of the most affected species of them all is the beautiful sea-reptiles, Caretta Carettas.

These sea turtles are tremendously affected by the never-ending carbon emissions caused by our human activities. How?

The breeding capacity of these loggerheads increases in cold habitats and the constant climate change and rising ocean temperatures are troublesome. This situation is also posing a significant threat to their food supply. Hence, the gradual increase in the ocean temperature must be tracked and taken in to control to help these sea-reptiles.

So, how can you contribute? Well, it is never too late to begin. Join the challenge, offset your carbon footprints with Co2nsensus and boost your chance of winning while playing a big role in saving the future of our planet.

We invite you all to participate in our latest “For the Love of Caretta Carettas” challenge!

How to Participate

Shower your love on amazing Caretta Carettas and participate. The more carbon footprints you offset to reduce the global CO2 emissions, the greater the good you will do! Plus, you will increase your chance of winning the challenge.

Your participation may be a small step for you, but it’s surely a big step towards the betterment of these sea-turtles.

Caretta Caretta Challenge Awards

Our planet’s diverse habitat is what makes it unique and beautiful. Therefore, we must do whatever we can to preserve these endangered marine reptiles.

The winners of the challenge will win carbon offset coupons which they will be able to use in future carbon offsetting.

$500 Carbon offset coupon
$250 Carbon offset coupon
$150 Carbon offset coupon
$100 Carbon offset coupon
$50 Carbon offset coupon

Share Your Achievement

Raise awareness, spread the love for wildlife, and inspire others to take steps to reduce their environmental impact with us. It’s time to get your green on!