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CO2nsensus Hints before you Direct Purchase your Carbon Offsets

Before you do a direct purchase of your carbon offsets it is important to understand few basics in it. As carbon offset schemes happen worldwide provided by different service providers, one could experience wide variation in the offset schemes. Hence, it is better to determine your requirement first before simply jumping in buying a scheme.

Some organisations or people just want to offset their single activity like taking a flight or doing a car travel, while others are interested to offset their entire carbon footprint. Hence, depending upon the requirement and scope, a direct purchase should be booked accordingly.

Apart from requirement, one should also understand the cost variation in offset schemes. Likewise, in general, a fairly typical fee for offsetting a tonne of CO2 is £8/$12. At this price, a typical British Family could offset its one year of carbon footprint in around £45. Just to remember this footprint comes from family’s one year of electricity and gas consumption so it has to be in mind before you direct purchase.

CO2nsensus offers a rich cycle of investment

At CO2nsensus we off you a rich cycle of offsetting where there is transparency and clarity. In this cycle your one credit becomes equal to one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reductions. It means at CO2nsensus you get the chance to translate your personal carbon impact into environmental sustenance.

Your direct purchase gets you certain amount of carbon offset which will be funded to one of the projects you have chosen from our portfolio. Doing this means you’ve entered the CO2nsensus rich cycle of investment and offsetting. This is all about environmental-upgrade. It is all to make our future generations future secure and stable.

CO2nsensus projects are happening across the globe in different destinations. We have our international projects in both developing and the developed part of the world to make you choose the way you want. These are renowned projects as managed by our recognised global partners.

CO2nsensus Projects

We at CO2nsensus focus United Nations sustainability goals for organising our international projects. These goals provide direction to our global happening. As the UN charter reflects these goals include preventing environment from any possible harm; ensuring means of health improvement and creating ways of social wellness and local community building. In all the projects CO2nsensus team apply these socially affirming goals. We remain environmentally-responsive to tackle the climate change and its consequences. Yes, it is ‘sustainability through innovation’ is what determines the CO2nsensus way forward.

CO2nsensus offers a rich list of globally recognised offsetting projects. As you have decided a direct purchase at CO2nsensus you would find a rich portfolio of certified projects to choose with. These projects are successfully registered to international Environmental Registries offering you the value and trust you need in making a direct purchase. CO2nensus gives you the confidence. It gives you the reason to invest in making the planet greener and carbon free.


As to simplify it all, CO2nsensus offer a simple procedure for direct purchase. For instance, if you are a business visitor or a holidaymaker and you want to offset your flight or car travel, you would simply enter CO2nsensus website, use the CO2nnector calculator to accurately calculate your trip emissions and pay us directly to lead your money to a sustainability project you selected.

Offsetting with CO2nsensus means you are compensating your personal carbon emissions to zero. It means directly purchasing carbon credits where each credit reduces one tonne of carbon emission from the atmosphere. Offsetting with CO2nsensus means you are putting your investment into continuous credible activities. We at CO2nsensus do it all to make it worth it.



Yes, dear clients you can trust CO2nsensus for its certification it gives in all the provisions. All our projects come certified from VCS and Gold standards. Once you calculate and do a direct purchase on CO2nsensus you would instantly receive a certificate mentioning your credit information. It would indicate your name; your carbon offset purpose; the carbon reduction project you selected and the amount of credits you purchased. This information then you could also take to your social media forum or the personal business page. Our system automatically generates QR code with unique ID number to make the user’s information sharable.