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Carbon Offset Events

As like any other mainstream industry, events industry is one of the most rapidly growing ones. In US alone an annual spend of USD 280 billion comes from the event industry which makes it even bigger than for instance the airline industry to contribute the economy.

Events may include official meetings, formal gatherings like conferences, events like sports events such as a marathon, and a concert tell the incredible scope of the event industry. Hence, the industry surely needs carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting events refers to trying out all options including buying offsets to make the event environmental-friendly and as effectively carbon-preventive. Events are mostly organised by established organisations, so the carbon offsetting of events is also responsibility of such organised groups. The process may involve consideration of high standards, trying approaches and certifications to comprehensively decarbonise events.

Carbon Offset Events Calculator

We at CO2nsensus deploy CO2nnector as our carbon footprint calculator for calculating your event’s emissions. We collect it for you in sum or in segments of the event. CO2nnector is a comprehensive tool to simplify the process for the user. It only requires brief details of the event and next itself calculates, analyse and offset event’s emissions.

CO2nnector first provides the clear estimate. And, then allows compensating event’s emissions by one of the CO2nsensus global carbon offsetting projects. For an event organiser and from calculation to direct purchase, CO2nnector makes it entirely simple process. Once you enter, you’ll find it itself guiding you forward.

CO2nsensus Event Offsetting Projects

For international event organisers, CO2nsensus maintains a reasonably decent projects’ portfolio. Our projects happen across the globe and in all dimensions of ecological development. As an event organiser from a multinational firm, you would first seek recognition. Therefore, CO2nsensus offers a diverse list of recognised global offsetting projects hich come certified with VCS and Gold standards. This means our projects strive to client’s value. We ensure high standards to keep you trusted.

To offset events, CO2nsensus offers a diverse range of projects. These may include afforestation and reforestation projects and renewable energy projects such as wind turbines, solar panels, biogas and hydropower plant projects.

Our projects get organised by CO2nsensus global partners. These are recognised bodies from all over including the standardization bodies, projects proponents and certification bodies. These are independent partners to give you a trusted choice at the time of direct purchase.

Events Offsetting at CO2nsensus

Events are amalgamation of different sub-events or activities and therefore their carbon offsetting is a critical task. It requires great time and effort and surely a separate thought-process to offset events. CO2nsensus realising the pain brings forward a handy checklist to carbon offset comprehensive events. This checklist is a combination of steps to make the task easier, simpler and roductive for just any event manager. The list opens up as follows.

  • As we live in the digital age the best option should be organising virtual meetings or events. When possible it is better to arrange a video conference which remains as effective as a physical meeting with the availability of all digital communication tools. A virtual meeting could surely save cost as well the carbon impact.
  • Now after the actual events are still essential, corporate customers would look up to substantial tools that could minimize their events’ carbon impact. The best tool for them is to power up their venue by renewable energy. By consuming more of renewable energy at the site means lowering a major content of emissions. For corporate events or even the casual ones (concert, wedding, marathon), this step surely comes viable.
  • The third step is offsetting by coming to CO2nsensus page and calculating your event’s footprint through CO2nnenctor. After calculation you could choose a direct purchase from one of our global carbon reduction projects. This is direct offsetting of your event after the first two steps are exhausted.

Our Certification


CO2nsensus never leaves one abandoned at any point of offsetting an event. Our certification means guiding the client till the ultimate satisfaction and the process is completed with success.

We believe in full follow up and for that matter we emphasise monitoring and tracking of the procedure.

Once you have compensated your event’s emissions, CO2nsensus generates a certifying detail. The detail mentioning your name, your offset purpose, the project you’ve entitled and number of credits you’ve purchased allows you to share this information simply anywhere. It is like information that would surely lift up your brand standing. The certified information could be shared on social media with your followers. It could be shared on your business website to invite more viewers on your events management service.